Why Join the Party?

By Cindy Fallona, Membership Chair

In mulling over what I would write to encourage people to join the Outagamie County Democratic Party, I reviewed the national, state and local Dems websites for inspiration. Wow, the membership sections are so well written that I thought what can I possibly add to what has already been stated? I cannot do better but I can tell you why I am a county and state party member.

Quite simply it makes me feel good! I have all this passion, enthusiasm, outrage at right-wing Republicans, need to make a difference, need to vent, need to be around like minded individuals. One can either be all talk and no action OR join with the other 234 current Outagamie County Democrats to turn your talk into action. Action that leads to results.

Action like all the work we did in Outagamie County during the last presidential election. We increased the Democratic vote count in our County. That directly contributed to the 20,000 plus vote margin that enabled President Biden to win Wisconsin. Now that is called making a difference!

Go to Outagamiedems.org to join online
Want to use a check? Contact the office ((920) 939-2065 or dpocgeneral@gmail.com) to receive a membership envelope

Do not delay! Our next challenge is to defeat Ron Johnson. The work has already begun and we need you to help keep the Senate Blue.