Wow, there is a lot going on!

By: Penny Bernard Schaber

Local redistricting is under way with towns, villages, cities and counties all using committees to set up the district lines for the upcoming local elections. The lines will be drawn by mid-November because candidates for local elected office will start collecting nomination signatures on December 1st, 2021.

This will soon be followed by the Local spring Elections in February for Primaries and in April for the general local elections. Spring local elections are non-partisan but it is really important to recruit and train progressive candidates for local office.

There will be many town, village, city and county elections this spring. In Appleton all of the even numbered City Council positions will be up for election. All 36 of the Outagamie County Supervisor districts will be up for re-election.

And many other municipalities such as Grand Chute, the Town of Center, Black Creek, Kaukauna and Seymour will have many positions to be elected in the February Primary or April General elections.

Here are links to important information:
Appleton Current City Council Positions: Appleton City Council Districts 
Outagamie County current Supervisors: County Supervisors 
Outagamie county municipalities: Cities, Towns and Villages

Many positions on our local town, village, city and county boards and councils are up for election this spring. And new local district lines will be drawn by November. Here is where to find out about the Outagamie County Redistricting Process: County District lines 2022

Many important policies are decided on and determined by local units of government. It is essential that we have local elected officials who want living wages, affordable health care, a clean environment and no gerrymandering.

If you are interested in learning about local elected offices, their roles and how to become a candidate, please contact us (920) 939-2065 or dpocgeneral@gmail.com

Penny Bernard Schaber
Co-chair Candidate Committee, DPOC