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Make an impact: Run for local office!

Did you know that in the last election 2 of 8 Appleton Common Council and 30 of 36 Outagamie County Supervisor positions ran unopposed? The DPOC has been working to recruit and train candidates for elected positions of our local government, and more candidates are needed!

Examples of impact at the local level:

  • Over the past year, the Appleton Common Council has passed a resolution supporting our Hmong Community, set up a Climate Change Taskforce to help guide Appleton’s response to climate change and approved new voting districts for 2021 through 2031.
  • Outagamie County is making decisions on how to spend American Recovery Act Funds, improving Treatment Courts, is focusing on early childhood and mental health issues and has also drawn new maps for Supervisory Districts.

In 2021, important decisions about infrastructure repairs and improvements, affordable housing and violence prevention and local responses to climate change will be made by the City of Appleton and Outagamie County. We need progressive candidates to create positive change.

On the Spring 2021 ballot, we will be electing 8 Common Council members in Appleton and all 36 County Board Supervisors in Outagamie county. Check out our website to see if you live in one of the areas that is up for election.

The time to consider running is NOW – the candidate filing deadline (with signatures) is January 4. DPOC can provide help: Contact us to get connected to resources and ask your questions.

Appleton Common Council: How to become a candidate

Outagamie County Board: How to become a County Supervisor candidate