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Thank you, volunteers, for an incredible year!

By Kelly Fenton, Political Outreach Committee

With a three-month hiatus between Weekend of Action canvasses and phone banks, the Political Outreach Committee (POC) is without a call to action this month. We should all instead use the next two months to enjoy the holiday, rest up and do everything we can to keep our spirits buoyed even in the face of recent political setbacks and outrages. Remember, they want us to lose our will. We must not.

If you’re looking for reasons for optimism, look no further than Our November One Year to Win weekend of action. Outagamie County out-performed our always high expectations, while also out-performing most of the county parties around the state on Nov. 6-7. Over four door-to-door shifts on Saturday and Sunday, our volunteers completed 32 turfs and knocked on 950 doors, resulting in 176 conversations with voters. On the phones, 11 volunteers reached out to a total of 2,000 voters and talked to 52 (yes, contact rates are much lower on the phones).

More good news was the dependability of our volunteers. Only seven canvassers of 39 failed to show over the weekend, and on one shift alone we actually ended up with more volunteers than were scheduled. This means that we are not only building capacity over at the POC, we are building solid and reliable – and hopefully, long-term — capacity.

Our next voter outreach weekend of action is scheduled for early to mid-February. It’s about to get real come the February primaries, the local elections in April and the general election later next year when it becomes essential we not only retain Gov. Evers but elect as many assembly and senate Democrats as possible in our gerrymandered state. Buckle up. Let’s keep the momentum going. Our times, as well as our kids and grandkids, demand all that we can give.