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It is time to fix our human infrastructure

By: Jerry and Penny Scribner

More than a century ago, Lincoln warned “A divided house cannot stand.” Neither can one built on sand. Democrats and a few Republicans in the House of Representatives passing the Investment in Infrastructure Act (IIJA) for long-overdue modernization of our highways, bridges and numerous other shovel worthy projects did the absolute right thing! It was a welcome change from the politics of hate and obscenity symbolized by “Let’s go Brandon.” We all need to thank those Democrats and Republicans in both the Senate and House who temporarily put aside the circular firing squad and voted to move America forward.

The overwhelming majority of Americans have long favored improving our crumbling infrastructure. They also favor getting a lot of other things done like improving childcare and providing pre-school for children 3-5. Both would make a huge difference for most families with children. It is time to move forward not backward.

Sadly, Senator Ron Johnson and our Wisconsin Republican representatives talk about being pro-family but do not vote that way. They all just voted NO to fixing our roads, and bridges and NO to providing broadband to their rural constituents. They also voted NO to fixing the electrical grid to reduce blackouts like the collapse in freezing weather in Texas or overloads, or terrorism by a foreign hacker.

We need to move our country forward, not wallow in arguments about whether we are using common sense.

Now it’s time to go one step further. Add your name to demand Congress pass the Build Back Better Act and invest in our working families.