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Phone banking and fun? You betcha!

By: Kelly Fenton, POC

Phone banking and fun? Turns out those two things can go hand in hand. We reached out to strong Democrats on January 22 to help them identify the progressives in our ever-important non-partisan local races next month and in April and to urge them to request their absentee ballots. (here’s the link to our next direct voter contact on Feb. 12. – get more details further down)

Twenty-five two-hour phone-bank shifts were completed on Jan. 22 and we talked to more than one thousand Democratic voters in Appleton and Outagamie County. Guess what? Almost all our callers reported extremely satisfying experiences as Democratic voters expressed enormous gratitude for the outreach and the information. My own experience was likewise encouraging and meaningful.
Few voters know who’s who in local races since there is not a D or an R next to a candidate’s name and our critical objective is to make sure these voters are not only going to the polls but voting for progressives. More so than in national election voter outreach is a sense that you are getting so much more bang for the phone-banking buck with local election outreach.

That’s what makes these effective. What makes them fun is the community of callers gathering on Zoom before and after shifts. And while we take this stuff seriously, we also create a friendly atmosphere and the laughs flow freely. Please join us for our next phone bank on Feb. 12 (signup link above) when we will once again be doing local voter outreach for the Feb. 15 primary. Strong Democrats will once again be our target.

We are also once again needing help with recruiting volunteers for this event. We will be calling mainly past phone bankers, making the ask so much easier and the yeses so much more abundant!

Please sign up here to recruit volunteers 

Until we can start working to re-elect Gov. Evers and get rid of Ron Johnson, remember how important your local elections are.