AASD Candidate Mike Schinke


Mike Schinke

Personal Statement

I was born and raised in Appleton, and have lived here the majority of my life.  I attended Franklin, Roosevelt (now Kaleidoscope), and Appleton West High School.  I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with honors, with a Bachelors in Science – Nursing.  After several years as a Registered Nurse, and then a move to sales, my wife and I decided I would stay home to care for our children. 

I decided to run for school board for one simple reason…. The children of our district!  They have been through so much, and many have suffered academically, socially, and emotionally over the last two years.  I felt the district was often not listening to needs of the families and students, and I want to be that voice for the families, students, and teachers.  We also need to lighten the burden on teachers in order allow them to do what they do best!

My experience in sales has allowed me to fine tune my ability to execute negotiations and get to a point where everyone involved feels confident about the resolution.  I look forward to taking the concerns of all parties involved and developing resolutions that address the goals everyone has.

Do you support using COVID precautions such as wearing masks in school and requiring vaccinations of eligible students and staff? Explain

I support any mitigation strategies that are proven to work.  With ever changing data and changing CDC guidelines, it’s difficult to say right now that something should absolutely be done.  For example, last year we were doing 14 and 10 day quarantines for students, and now we are down to 5 days.  I maintain we remain flexible as we continue to learn more, and new strains arise when it comes to mitigation.  I personally am vaccinated, and I encourage others whom feel comfortable to get vaccinated, but I do support parent’s choice to make the decisions they feel are best for their children.  As I stated above, things are changing rapidly, and as we learn more, we may find it is or isn’t necessary.

Do you support teaching fact-based and accurate history of events that have and continue to shape our nation? Explain

I support teaching all subjects accurately.  Science, math, and history in particular.  Since I was asked specifically about history, I’d say it’s very important to teach history, for that’s how we learn of the mistakes of the past, so we don’t make them again.  When we focus on the facts in the classroom, no matter what subject, and take out personal opinions, then and only then are we serving the best interests of our children.

What are your thoughts about the AASD referendum that is proposed for November 2022?

I’ve never really understood why someone would be against a school referendum.  Improving our older schools, and building new schools, only strengthens our community.  I understand many are concerned about the taxes, but I think you get that back in increased value of the community.