Personal Statement

I am running for Re-election because there is still work to be done. We need to continue to attract talent and to retain the workforce that keeps our city running. As well and responsibly using A.R.P.A funding to come back stronger. I have the experience and relationships with staff fellow alders on council, I have passed two resolutions and co-written a dozen more.  I’ve invested time in speaking with business owners across the city and know their issues and concerns. I also bring fresh ideas and much needed enthusiasm to representing constituents of the district. This is an incredibly important time here in Appleton, what we do now will effect what our city will become and what it will be like for future generations.

What are your plans/ideas to increase affordable housing in Appleton?

To support plans that bring affordable housing to Appleton when they come along. An improvement making zoning more flexible would help as well, continued encouragement to build accessory dwelling units across the city. Finally using A.R.P.A money to help fund more initiatives.

Do you support the creation of a Climate Specialist Staff position, as recommended by the Climate Change Taskforce, for the City of Appleton?

Yes, I would like to try and see if we can hire a climate specialist at the county level first because there are municipalities that simply can’t do this and tackling climate change takes more than one city.

What is your priority for how Appleton should utilize American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) funds?

  • arts, culture and educational institutions
  • community wellness, mental health and violence prevention
  • social infrastructure, belonging and neighborhood resiliency
  • local economic recovery
  • affordable housing and housing support
  • early childhood development and child care