Appleton Common Council District 4 Candidate Israel Del Toro


Israel Del Toro

Personal Statement

As a first-generation Latino American I moved to Appleton in 2016 as an assistant professor of Biology at Lawrence with a PhD from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

Four key campaign platforms: 

1) Environmental Protection/Sustainability- As an ecologist, knowing science, I know how to protect natural resources so future generations can have a sustainable, clean forward-facing city. 

2) Access to Outstanding Education – Schools need to be safe havens for our students. I will work closely with council members and the school board to provide assistance to schools, teachers, and students; making and keeping classrooms safe. The risk of disease or inaccessibility must be removed. 

3) Promoting/fostering a diverse equitable community- The minority groups in our city deserve a voice. As a person of color, I am approachable by our minority communities; I am sympathetic to our needs. We want a safe city, free of threats, harassment and racism; an educated community that values our diverse ideas and cultures, not one that shies away. Our council should reflect the community’s vast ethnic, cultural and social diversity. 

4) Transparency and Communication between the city and district 4- I pledge to be fully transparent. Communicating with constituents so you know exactly what is happening in city hall. 

What are your plans/ideas to increase affordable housing in Appleton?

We have to be mindful of how we develop our city. I am all about revitalizing neighborhoods but not at the expense of someone’s home. I would like us to carefully consider our zoning ordinances and offer incentives to trustworthy landlords who can provide stable, good-quality affordable housing in our most vibrant districts including district 4.

Do you support the creation of a Climate Specialist Staff position, as recommended by the Climate Change Taskforce, for the City of Appleton?

100% YES! Climate change is the most pressing threat our future. As a city we have the responsibility to build a resilient community that reduces our contributions to greenhouse gas emissions. We have to install new resilient infrastructure that will be tolerant of our changing climate. A climate specialist will be fully tasked with moving Appleton to a resilient, sustainable and carbon neutral future.

What is your priority for how Appleton should utilize American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) funds?

Job training and education- specifically training Appletonians for the up and coming jobs that will be in high demand as our city modernizes. 

Resilient modern infrastructure- This goes back to the climate change question. We have to have the right and modern infrastructure to deal with future worsening extreme weather events like heat waves, intense storms and higher rainfall. 

Providing services for marginalized groups- Appleton is a diverse community, and embracing that diversity and highlighting the wonderful contributions of our marginalized communities will keep as a bright exemplary city. Diversity stimulates, creativity, creativity stimulates innovation and innovation stimulates growth. This is how I want my district and city to grow.