Appleton Common Council District 4 Candidate Storm Waslvick


Storm Waslvick

Personal Statement

Our current Alderman, Joe Martin and I worked together on projects affecting our neighborhood.  Seeing how Mr. Martin served our neighborhood gave me a great example of serving our neighborhood and community as well as what great community leadership looks like.  This inspired me to run as Alderman. 

What do I hope to accomplish? A collaborative and non-partisan approach to best in class services, a well planned and balanced budget and opportunity for all to pursue their dreams and goals.  My approach will be that of servant leader holding myself and those I serve with accountable to the highest standards of ethics and values. 

What are your plans/ideas to increase affordable housing in Appleton?

Affordable housing has a strong legacy of support and success. It is part of the Community and Economic Development committee of which I plan to be a part of if elected. First, let’s celebrate success: I would want to see the impact A.F. has had in our community, how many families we have supported, and how funding has helped our families in need. Those we have helped in my opinion should be the compass to steer the vision and financial support as well as give the committee measureable results to make good decisions for a better tomorrow for our families.

Do you support the creation of a Climate Specialist Staff position, as recommended by the Climate Change Taskforce, for the City of Appleton?

I would like to see more detail on what the roles, responsibilities and objectives of this position would be.  Our natural resources are highly important to us all and proper stewardship of these resources is of the highest priority. Before I would support this position, I would want to know more about its intended purpose, vision and goals to assure they align with our city’s and most importantly our community’s expectations.    

What is your priority for how Appleton should utilize American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) funds?

This is one of the questions I have been getting asked from the people in District 4. Let’s have them answer this one. First, the people of Appleton want to know how much Appleton has received from the Federal Government. Second, In what areas has this funding been used so far and what are the measureable results? Third, what are the requirements to receive federal funding and do those requirements fit the objectives of our budget, our people and our city.