Executive Board & Officers

Officers are elected for a 2-year term beginning in January of odd-numbered years. Elections take place at the membership meeting in November of even-numbered years, and all members in good standing may vote. If officers must vacate their positions before their term is complete, a special election is held according to the county party’s constitution & bylaws.

2023-2025 Executive Board

2023-2025 Committee Chairs 

Most Executive Board Committee Chairs are appointed by the Chair, with the exception of the immediate past chair, who serves a 2-year term on the Executive Board, and the College Democrats Representative, who serve on the Executive Board, per the DPOC constitution.

  • Cindy Fallona – Membership
  • Trisha Kostelny – Political Outreach
  • Carol Lenz – Office Committee
  • Emily Tseffos – Communications
  • ( Vacant ) – Community Outreach
  • Emily Tseffos/( Vacant ) – Candidate Recruitment Committee
  • Alyssa Vandenberg – Fundraising/Special Events Committee


Lawrence College Democrats Representative

To contact any officers or committee chairs, please email: dpocgeneral@gmail.com and your email will be forwarded to the appropriate individual.