Outagamie County Board of Supervisor District 14 Candidate Michael Woodzicka


Michael Woodzicka

Personal Statement

I am Michael J. Woodzicka, running for Outagamie County Board Supervisor for District 14, with boundaries from Hwy 441 east to Hwy N, and the Fox River north to Broadway Dr. I am retired from the Appleton Fire Department Captain after nearly 33 years of service. I served as the President of the Appleton Fighters Union for 20 years and am currently the State Vice-President for the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin, a labor organization that represents all of the full-time fire fighters in the State of Wisconsin. I have been a member of the democratic party my entire adult life and active in the political process. I served for three years as a County Board Supervisor before moving to Little Chute just over a year ago. I am running again to continue my service to the residents of Outagamie County.  Believing service is important I have dedicated my life to it. I believe in democratic priorities and improving the lives of families in our community. The county provides many important services that improve the lives of those who live in our County. We need to make sure that these services are maintained while at the same time keeping taxes as low as possible.

What are your plans/ideas to increase affordable housing in Outagamie County?

I support the mission of the Outagamie County Housing Authority which is to assist County residents in meeting their housing needs. It serves by offering subsidized housing to qualified applicants, and, through its staff, continues to explore housing options for all segments of the community. I also believe we should explore additional public-private partnerships that could be developed to assist those with affordable housing needs.

Given that there are consequences to unplanned and sprawling urban and semi-urban development what are your plans for protecting agricultural, forested, wetland or other types of undeveloped land in Outagamie County?

I believe there is a balance between growth and land preservation. It is important we preserve our agricultural, forested, and wetlands that make Outagamie County what it is. The County has a Department of Land Conservation with many educated staff members who are experts in this field. The Land Conservation Department works to promote sustainable land use management for long-term conservation of land, water, and other natural resources of Outagamie County. I support the departments mission and the importance of providing the funding for this important work. 

What is your priority for how Outagamie County should utilize American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) funds?

First and foremost, I believe this money should be used to replace revenue for increased government services caused by the COVID-19 public health emergency. We should invest in infrastructure, climate, and quality of life projects. Investments in infrastructure, climate resiliency, and quality of life projects will all have long-term benefits. We should also invest ARPA funds in homelessness support services, rental assistance and affordable housing.  ARPA funding provides a great opportunity to engage our community to identify priority investments. The County should consider a public participation process to help allocate the funds.