Personal Statement

Hello and thank you for your time. Those of you who have been members of the party for a while probably know me and what I’m about. But for those of you who are newer, I’m sure our paths will cross soon.  I am running for the 11th district of the Outagamie County Board and am confident I am the best candidate to serve the people in that district. I’ve lived in the Kaukauna area for 12+years with my wife of 13 years and my 2 kids (8 and 4). We really like this area which is one of the many reasons I decided to run for the seat. Along with being a strong voice for the people of the 11th district moving forward, protecting the things that make Outagamie County great is, in my opinion, equally important. If elected, we will have another strong voice on the Board that we can all count on to do the right thing and make good decisions. Thank you again.

What are your plans/ideas to increase affordable housing in Outagamie County?

This to me is a very tricky topic. It is hard to come up with a solution in my opinion that will have no unintended consequences.  That being said, I would like to see a solution to both increase housing options, no matter if it is public or private, and then it would be nice to arbitrate the cost associated with private lower income housing. Giving landlords the ability to charge whatever they want and deciding who gets shelter and who doesn’t is unethical and immoral.  Of course another obvious solution is to also increase wages for those at the lower end of the income brackets. Have them stop empting their bank accounts at the end of each month to pay an inflated rent.

Given that there are consequences to unplanned and sprawling urban and semi-urban development what are your plans for protecting agricultural, forested, wetland or other types of undeveloped land in Outagamie County?

I am as concerned about the environment as much as anybody. The protection of forested land and wetlands is a big deal.  Unfortunately, urban sprawl seems like an almost unavoidable practice. From somebody who lives “in the country” it is also a concern of mine. I will be a proponent to protect the environment no matter the situation; not just for sprawl. As for agricultural, the farmers need to be responsible and liable for practices they use in farm fields.  Environmentally safe techniques need to be a something they practice.

What is your priority for how Outagamie County should utilize American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) funds?

If it was up to me, I would use the money in multiple ways. I would help those who need it the most such as the single parent, especially those struggling with child care. Also I’d like to look at ways to people working through public projects and infrastructure.  Another area that would be important to me would be improving public health measures, especially for our kids in schools.  Funding for things such as air purification, increased space to socially distance, and rapid test kits seem like a no brainer to me. We could also extrapolate that to private businesses to help keep people safe there.